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Every Layer of Heart-Wall Released Can Make a Profound Difference

I still have a Heart-Wall. I have undergone 9 sessions so far, due to my history of unrelenting tragedies and traumas. I understand how elaborately constructed my Heart-Wall must have been. The very first Heart-Wall session was done by a practitioner who sent my results via email after completing a […]

December 6th, 2017|Testimonials|0 Comments

One Experience Convinced Me to Become a Certified Practitioner

My friend has a 4-year-old boy. They said he was “born grumpy.” The boy didn’t smile, always had a frown, was not happy, was barely speaking, and had regular nose bleeds every 2 weeks for the majority of his life. This boy truly looked like life was a burden for him. They’ve seen a few specialists o […]

November 30th, 2017|Testimonials|0 Comments

Overcoming Anxiety and PTSD using The Body Code!

I first learned about the EmotionCode after a sudden traumatic experience of being a witness to a man who decided to hang himself at the place where I work. Seeing this lead me to seek out different methods of healing. I could actually feel this man’s pain and suffering. I could feel his loneliness, […]

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You Can Make a Difference with The Emotion Code Even When You are New to Its Concepts

My first experience with The Emotion Code was with a neighbor of my son’s who came by, walking horses. I told them that horses were for riding, not walking! She explained that one of the horses was being taught how to act by walking it with another horse that was gentle. Apparently, the wild horse h […]

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His Fiery Heart-Wall Gone… Wife Wants Hers Cleared Too!

My Heart-Wall was 100 feet thick and made of fire. I remembered the hot temper I had as a child and this made sense. As each of eleven trapped emotions were cleared, stories of anger, humiliation and shame resurfaced into my awareness. Since clearing these emotions, little things don’t touch me off […]

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Two Lives Positively Impacted Physically & Emotionally After Using The Emotion Code

My friend Lily had pain in her throat and was very tired. She had been to the doctor but still was not getting any relief. We did The Emotion Code and found a Heart-Wall, made symbolically of dark silver metal like Roman armor. Three trapped emotions were released. They were discouragement at 10 yea […]

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Felt Completely Different After Her Heart-Wall Was Down

Can a Heart-Wall coming down really change the way you feel? Robin was using it to help herself and others and was surprised by what happened to her.

“I had a Heart-Wall and worked on it for several sessions, and it kept getting smaller. I had been using The Emotion Code for other people, for the […]

November 3rd, 2017|Testimonials|0 Comments

Titanium Heart-Wall Released; It’s Okay to be a Man

Sandra Wilson tells how a man she helped felt after his Heart-Wall was released…
“Jim had lived a difficult life, starting with his family, as he lived with his grandmother who hated men. Although he didn’t remember anything directed at him, his grandmother often made remarks about “worthless men […]

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Shoulder Pain 95% Better After Body Code Session

I watched your Body Code webinar this week. It resonated and intrigued me. I’ve had an aching shoulder for a year which was so bad I could barely lift my arm and was very painful, even resting it. I decided to look for a Certified Body Code practitioner in my hometown and found Rianne Pauls in Melbo […]

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Connecting with People is so much Easier when Your Heart is Open

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