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Life is Worth Living Again with The Emotion Code

“For as long as memory serves, I have sought answers to behavioral problems that I secretly grappled with which had left me frustrated, confused and hopeless. Fortunately, my girlfriend persisted in her introduction of The Emotion Code with me. Although I was initially reluctant, I’m now in the proc […]

Releasing Her Heart-Wall Helped Her to Feel Lighter and Perceive More

“I found that I had a Heart-Wall that was 22 feet thick, made symbolically of Copper. It took quite a few sessions to clear it… but I am happier now. The improvement I felt wasn’t instant, it took a few days to really feel something different. It was subtle but I felt “lighter.” I had a lot of neg […]

February 12th, 2018|Testimonials|0 Comments

You Never Know What Might Happen When You Use The Emotion Code to Work with Your Loved Ones…

I have been blessed with the opportunity to witness a remarkable difference in my grandmother, who is currently housed in an Alzheimer’s facility. Before I began working on her with The Emotion Code, she was a crumpled pile of human flesh who muttered incomprehensible jumbles of unrelated words. Ove […]

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Emotion Code Miracles

Emotion Code Miracle Number 1

I worked on a 3-year-old little girl whose mom called me in a panic. The little girl had a urinary tract infection and had been on medication for 3 days but it wasn’t helping. She wouldn’t go to the bathroom because it hurt so bad and she was getting sick. Her mother […]

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So Grateful for The Emotion Code

I bought the book, The Emotion Code, in the summer of 2017. I was so deeply inspired about the method, that I instantly began using it on myself and with my friends almost everyday since then. When I was working on myself, I identified a Heart-Wall. I worked three days, did three sessions, and clear […]

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The Emotion Code Overcomes a Child’s Trauma

I was contacted by the concerned parents of a sweet 8-year-old girl named Lowri, who had developed a stutter three years previously. She had been receiving speech therapy with absolutely no effect, and in fact, her parents had noticed that her stutter had been worsening over the past few months.


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Big Changes for Clients After Releasing Trapped Emotions

My client, Jamie had pain in her sacrum at a level 5, on and off for years. After releasing 7 Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code, we got the pain level down to a 2.

My client, Sara had a chronic pain in her leg measuring at a level 7. After releasing 6 Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code, […]

February 3rd, 2018|Testimonials|0 Comments

Love the Results I’m Seeing

I’m getting positive results, helping myself and other people to heal. On Jacob, I cleared Trapped Emotions from his childhood that were manifesting as allergies to cigarette smoke and cats. With myself, I cleared Trapped Emotions, some hidden from age 27. These were from 30 years ago! They had been […]

February 1st, 2018|Testimonials|0 Comments

The Emotion Code Has Helped Us

Audra received immediate relief from pain in her back after one Emotion Code session.
Dan’s dog settled down soon after an Emotion Code session. He had been overactive and too energetic with family members and visitors.
After only one Emotion Code session, my 3-year-old grandson settled down signi […]

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A Letter from Switzerland

Dear Dr. Nelson,
Yesterday I was listening to a webinar about the immune system… I have some problems with my kidneys (low energy in the kidneys.) There was a man talking about his car accident and suddenly… my whole body reacted. My kidneys on the left side were hurting so much. After a few se […]

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