Overcoming Negative Feelings

What should you do when you are having a rough time with negative feelings? We all have upsets from time to time as life throws its curve balls. You may find yourself out of your comfort zone either by choices of your own or by the interactions you have with others. The circumstances of life are never completely predictable and you may find yourself thinking, “How did this happen? How did I get myself into this?” Or “I hate this!” Sometimes we aren’t prepared for what we face and we aren’t happy about it. Sometimes things feel out of our control. Here are some ideas about how you can deal with your state of mind and the feelings of your heart to overcome the hard times.

Start by acknowledging that you have emotions to deal with. Rather than self-medicating, numbing out or going into denial, decide to feel your emotions consciously. Work through your emotions. Be present. Feel validated in that you chose how you would react and feel about whatever is going on. Your emotions are yours. You are where you are and that’s okay, the way it is for the moment. Own your emotions but realize that your emotions don’t own you. You don’t need to be consumed by them or drown in them. And you don’t have to stay upset. Know that you are free to feel the emotions that you chose, just as you are free to let negativity go when you are ready. You are in charge. Let negative emotions go to help you survive and thrive through whatever you are facing.

Be gentle with yourself. Realize that overcoming negative emotions is how to heal from difficult or devastating experiences. It takes a little time to put negative emotions behind you but doesn’t have to take as long as you might think. When you continue to hold onto negative emotions about the experiences from your past rather than letting go, you are essentially allowing an ugly piece of your past encroach upon your present time. If you permit this you might end up with a boat load of “Trapped Emotions” in the energy field of your body that will eventually create pain, malfunction or distress for you. Studies have shown that negative emotions are linked to the creation of inflammation in the body which make them the root of many disease processes. They lower immune function and deregulate the endocrine system. Negative emotional energies can really sabotage your life! They definitely impact your here and now in more ways than one.

So what do you do? When you are ready to let go of your hurt feelings, your feelings of inadequacy, resentments, deep disappointment, fierce anger, fear and all the rest, it’s smart to use The Emotion Code. It’s easy to identify and release your trapped emotions with The Emotion Code. And it’s quick and effective. It lifts the feeling of burden and often creates an immediate sense of lightness, a happiness. Doing The Emotion Code literally takes minutes, yet is life changing!

It always take a little time for “processing” after an Emotion Code session, but this just happens naturally as you go about your daily life. The way processing feels and how long it takes are determined by the severity of the emotions released and your general emotional condition. Most people don’t notice much but you might shed a few tears or feel tired. You could experience echoes of the emotions you released or feel grumpy or sensitive for a day or two. These reactions are possible so it helps to be prepared just in case.

If you happen to feel your down during processing, do something to help yourself to feel good. You might soak in a warm bathtub, get a massage, sleep, pray or meditate. Maybe you like to journal or loose yourself in a good book or movie. You might listen to music that you love, do something creative or divert your energy into some kind of work that you enjoy. Working out physically is especially good because of the endorphin release. Getting out in nature is good, too and helps to change your state of mind. You might need a good cry if you had things bottled up. If you don’t want to be alone, you could spend some time with your pet or a loved one. It’s okay to take some time off from the bustle of life. It’s good to reflect and rest.

If your emotional state is coming from a current situation rather than from a past event and you feel stuck and are struggling to let go of your negative feelings, you might consider making some changes in how you are thinking. It’s possible to get stuck in circular thinking, going over and over with internal rantings that don’t help to change anything or make you feel any better. You might be blaming or judging others, which places you in a victim role where you feel powerless. That doesn’t work to help anybody and can make you feel crazy. Try to see your situation from another perspective, from another person’s point of view. You could talk to someone, like a counselor or a life coach to decide what you can effectively change. You could ask God for His perspective, too. There are often things that you have the power to do to bring more light into a situation. Do something proactive so that you are moving forward like putting your energy into serving others that need help. Take the focus off of you and what is wrong in your life and put it on something that you can feel good about. When you decide to let go of thinking and feeling negatively you can more easily enjoy living in the present time.

If you really look closely you might discover a silver lining in the difficulties you have gone through. Almost every experience you go through, whether good or bad, has a gift to give. Finding a piece of knowledge, a special insight, or a greater capacity to empathize, love or connect to others can enrich your life if you recognize what you are learning along the way. These gifts might heal a relationship, open opportunities to contribute, grow your career, or help you to see strength in yourself that you didn’t know you had. Difficult experiences can help you to refine your character and make you wiser and stronger. Facing the hard stuff is how we mature. You may realize that overcoming negative feelings is how we grow up.

There’s a fun song by Bobby McFarrin that says, “Don’t worry, be happy.” I love that simple advice. If you choose to be happy it will improve your quality of life more than anything else you could give yourself.

Releasing your emotional baggage is absolutely worth it because it enables you to be free of things that weigh you down, sometimes from long ago. It allows you to live in the present unencumbered by the negativity of the past and clears your path to the future. It opens the opportunity to embrace happiness!

By Jean Nelson