Comments from the Chicago Emotion Code Seminar Last Weekend!

We had a great time at the seminar in Chicago this past weekend! Thanks to all who came out- you are awesome! And three cheers for Ruth Loh for making it all possible! Here is some of the feedback we got at the end of the weekend- enjoy!

For three decades I have been explaining how to awaken the unconscious conscious. In hours, I learned how to do this and heal it. The Emotion Code is easy to learn and elegant in its results. It is light years ahead of talk therapy. The Emotion Code accomplishes, in one or several sessions, what would take years in psychotherapy. This is the best energy psychology system I have encountered. Andreya Schneider, M.Ed. (School Psychologist)

Very educational with real-life demo of testing trapped emotions. Worth the long journey from Asia! What he teaches are at the forefront of energetic medicine and helps empower everyone. Well done! I learned a lot!

I am grateful on both a personal and professional level. I believe that we must individually clear our trapped emotions to help our world. As a holistic nurse practitioner, clearing trapped emotions will be a part of my practice. -Mary Tucker

It was very organized and easy to follow. It was full of awesome information and time to practice exercises. I feel ready to start helping people to release their heart walls and trapped emotions. -Annie Richardson Lexington, Kentucky

Thank you for sharing this useful information that will help others. Great course! Great people!! -Marylou Gajda

This is the best program I have been to which increases our knowledge to using Nikken products to help our clients and also educates the proper technique for muscle testing. -Jackie Tropp

During my first trapped emotion clearing I experienced a complete letting go/release feeling. I sobbed uncontrollably and then felt complete and total elation. Thank you! -Angela Reinhofer

Enjoyed the seminar and appreciate you sharing your wisdom and knowledge. Look forward to further training and putting this into practice. -Jill Neese

A great help for the world. Thank you for all your efforts and your courage in presenting so much truth.

It doesn’t get any better! Dr. Brad is inspiring and shows us that if we believe we can do it. Thanks with gratitude. -Allison Tolleson

Exceptional! I highly recommend the seminar to anyone!! Dr. Brad is truly a messenger from God. I am on my way to fulfilling my destiny! Blessings to you, Dr. Brad. -Jane Bolen

This was an excellent seminar with lots of great information. I will definitely incorporate this into my practice. Dr. Brad is an excellent speaker and can captivate anybody. He is sharing a fabulous message.

Filled in many gaps in totally comprehending and integrating the emotion code system. Great compliment to reading the book and practicing the code. -Rich Martin

For me it was an amazing experience. I want to practice with my family and friends, and of course with myself. I decided to make Dr. Brad’s mission my own mission to purify humankind one at a time. I want to do the Emotion Code as my way of life. I will work with this, helping people one by one. It will be my new career. -David Montiel

Absolutely, positively life-changing experience. One of the best ways to help transform a person from being “emotionally sick” from a trapped emotion to becoming an emotionally healthy person. -Janice Wittich

I really appreciate Dr. Nelsons commitment to bring this information forward for all of us to use. The Emotion Code is information that the world is so in need of!

I was amazed at the things I’ve learned in two days. I feel prepared to work effectively with others now. Karen Praksti

Thank you for your patience and sharing your knowledge and strength. Your encouragement has inspired me to find the real me. I look forward to spreading your word and cleansing my children and other family members. -Amy Leafdale

Powerful, and easy to absorb. Good practice time leaves me with confidence. I’ll be able to do this!

Outstanding! It flew right on by! So much information, easily understood. Easily assimulated! Very empowering! -Jennifer Farrar

This was incredible! I believe it is life changing! God impressed my heart to come early on Saturday morning last week. First thing in the morning and I knew I needed to come. It was awesome and will continue to unfold great blessings, I know.

Loved the openness of participants. Getting hands-on experience is very beneficial for getting proficient in the method. My experience from the exercises has left me feeling lighter, freer, and more optimistic about my health and future. -Renee Murphy