My Interview of Paul Tima, CEO of Safer Soaps

I was introduced to Solutions 4 You products a number of years ago, after my wife got back from a week-long cleanse at the Optimum Health Institute in Lemon Grove, California.

At OHI, you can check in for a week at a time, and you are given totally natural and raw foods, along with lots of wheatgrass. This is a very healing, very special place, that sees people from all over the world, most of whom are ill, and many of whom have been given a terminal diagnosis, most often with cancer. I met many people whose lives were saved by going to OHI, people who had weeks to live, and years later they are still coming back.

At OHI, cleansing is key. As a result, you are not allowed to use cologne or perfume, to use aftershave or underarm deodorant, and so on, as all these things are quite toxic for the body, and toxicity is one of the big reasons that symptoms like cancer and other diseases appear. Yet, they have to have a way to clean their big kitchen, to do dishes, to clean floors and tables. The people staying there have to have a way to cleanse their skin. They use the Solution 4 You products, very successfully.

I was so impressed with these completely natural products that I wanted to talk with the creator, Paul Tima, for a long time now. Well, I did get to talk with him, and I turned it into more of an interview for all to hear. Toxicity is a huge problem in our world; we are poisoning the planet with all the household cleansers that we are using every day, and they are making us sick. The Solutions 4 You products are absolutely amazing, and I know from personal experience. They clean better than anything my wife and I have ever used, yet they are safe enough to drink! I have a gum infection at one point, and brushing my teeth with the their cleanser made it disappear within a matter of minutes. My wife actually had a raging bladder infection at one point, and as a last resort used their Ultra-Safe cleanser, and it was gone immediately. Amazing stuff! Enjoy…

Dr. Brad : )

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