How to Save Your Gallbladder from an Early Demise…

Okay, this is the first health tip that I want to share with you. Over the last 20 years I have helped quite a number of patients save their gall bladders from being removed by using a simple recipe that I am going to share with you. First of all, a little information about the gallbladder. The gallbladder produces Bile, which is basically a detergent-like compound that helps the body to break down fat. The more fat you take in, the harder the gallbladder works. In our Western society, the gallbladder is perhaps the most overworked organ of all. Our high fat diet is very hard on our gall bladders, and many people have them removed at the first sign of trouble.

This is another one of those so-called ‘good surgeries’ that you have heard so much about. The gall bladder can become congested with gallstones, and passing these can become quite painful. But there is a way around having your gallbladder removed. I recommend that people do a gallbladder flush at least once a year, just to clean out any stones that may be in there, and to prevent future problems.Here is the procedure.

Combine the following items at bedtime:

  • Mix 1/3rd cup of olive oil
  • Juice of 1 fresh lemon
  • 8 ounces of Coca-Cola (Coke is good for something!)

Drink this nasty concoction down as fast as you can, and go to bed.

The next morning, drink a bottle of citrate of magnesia (available at any drugstore) which is a laxative, and stay home the rest of the morning. Watch for the stones; they will typically be about the size of peas or garbanzo beans, and will usually be a beige color. I have had patients bring me in containers of these stones. I don’t ask questions. I’m just happy they got rid of them. Now you can, too.If you are having acute gall bladder symptoms, you may want to drink a big glass of apple juice each day for a few days and eat beet tops at each meal for a few days before you do the flush, as this helps to soften the stones. I have never had a patient experience pain doing this flush, which seems contrary to logic, even when they passed stones the size of marbles. Enjoy!