The Lord’s New Methods of Healing For You

Would you like to be able to find the cause for your illness or a solution for your pain?  Do you need understanding to help your son or your daughter with their depression, their anxiety or some other condition? Do you want your husband to stop being so stressed or angry? Do you know that these answers and more are attainable? They are here for you. Here is how I know you can find help and how it all began many years ago.

At age 7, I was instantaneously healed by my father’s prayer of faith. This experience taught me up to have faith in God. To be desperately ill one moment, and to be completely well in the next, is completely unforgettable. I learned that help is there when we ask in faith. I was diagnosed with kidney disease at age 13. The medical doctors told my parents there was no treatment available for my condition. Compelled by my pain and distress, my parents searched and found some holistic, alternative physicians. Within a few weeks the hemorrhaging had stopped and I was well. I knew that these alternative doctors had done what my body needed to have done. I decided that I wanted to know what they knew and be a holistic, alternative doctor when I grew up.

As the years went on my dream of being a healer started to fade. I was introduced to computer programming in college and I loved it. And I loved business. When I was about 6 months away from starting the MBA program at BYU, my wife, Jean and I went home to Montana for Christmas. While sitting with my parents, my father asked me, “Are you sure you don’t want to go to chiropractic school? You’ve always wanted to do that, and it seems like a great career.” I replied, “No, I’ve decided to get my MBA, so I’m going in a different direction.” He said “Well, why don’t you think about it one more time?” I told him that I would.

Later Jean and I drew up a pro and con list about these two directions, chiropractic and business. The list of positives for chiropractic was longer, but I still wasn’t convinced. I felt torn. When Jean and I got married, we made an agreement that we would never make any important decision without praying about it to see if it was right. This was definitely one of those momentous decisions.

That night found me on my knees saying, “Father in Heaven, if it makes any difference to you, please help me to know what direction to go. I will go either way.” I was awakened in the middle of that night to find my mind full of thoughts about healing, and how wonderful it is to be able to serve. I remember thinking, “Well yes, that’s true, but this other direction is good, too…” I had this experience 3 times that night, but I still wasn’t sure.

The next night found me on my knees again, asking God for guidance. This was a night that I will never forget. I was awakened 3 times again. Each time my mind was filled with the same thoughts as the night before but the feelings became progressively stronger and more powerful. The 3rd time, my mind was overflowing with thoughts of service to mankind. I was overwhelmed. As my heart and mind marveled at thoughts of service to humanity, a voice spoke to me. It was a voice as clear as crystal, and as distinct and audible as anything I’ve ever heard. It said, “This is a sacred calling.”

I’ve reflected on this experience many times since. Because your body is actually a sacred “temple” for your spirit to inhabit, anytime we are working to help that body function better, we are doing a sacred thing. If we are sewing up an injury, if we are helping someone who is disabled, if we are helping  someone heal, we are doing a sacred work because we are enabling another person’s temple to be whole.

One of the most profound things that I learned in practice was the enormous role that emotions play in our illnesses. My practice was founded upon the principle of prayer and the answers came through to help me when I could not have known what to do on my own. I found that your emotional baggage, your “trapped emotions,” are responsible for up to 90% of your pain, your physical illnesses and emotional difficulties. As time went on, I refined the method that I was using to find and release trapped emotional energy. It became simple enough that anyone could learn and use it, so I began teaching seminars in an attempt to get the word out about this powerful new method of healing. Eventually I wrote The Emotion Code so that people everywhere would have access and be able to learn. It’s easy to learn. Your healing need not be difficult. The Emotion Code is simple enough that children are working miracles with it. While there will always be a need for a medical profession, a need for surgery, and an occasional need for drugs, the reality is that most problems can be dealt with by simply releasing the emotional baggage that underlies the symptoms you can see.

Because of my previous training as a computer programmer, I was always trying to combine the use of a computer with the healing work that I was doing. The Body Code System was developed in response to my need to figure out what was really wrong with people in the absolute shortest timeframe possible. I had 10-15 minutes per patient and I wanted to make it count. I had a secret weapon, and that was my ability to access their subconscious mind through muscle testing. As time went on, I developed a “mind mapping” system that was perfect for my needs, one that enabled me to “drill down” and find the underlying issues as rapidly as humanly possible.

After The Emotion Code was published, I had a vague idea that I would eventually teach The Body Code System to doctors. Although I had taught most of it in seminars before, I had no plans to teach it again, as I was putting all of my effort into getting The Emotion Code out to the world. However, that was about to change.

One early morning in August of 2008, I woke up to find my mind full of a very specific instruction from above. The instruction was: “Take all the information that you have gained, take everything that you have learned about healing, and put it into a self-study course that anyone can learn, and make it available to everyone, everywhere.” It’s hard to describe how crystal-clear this instruction was. There was no question that this is what I was supposed to do. Yet for just a moment the thought of how much work this was going to be made me look upward and ask, “Are you sure about this?” I spent the next year working non-stop on The Body Code system and its accompanying software so that what was previously in my head was now usable for others. I would start working on it before the sun was up and often still be working after midnight.

I believe that The Body Code is the most advanced method of natural energetic healing that exists on the planet today. It’s really amazing! While I would love to take credit for it, I have to say that the knowledge to create it came from above. I’m the messenger. I believe that everything that has happened to me in my life has prepared me to be this messenger, to bring The Emotion Code and The Body Code System to the world.

Imagine if you had direct access to the most advanced medical database in the universe and could always get the “correct” answer for any health question. Now imagine if you could use those answers to help yourself and your loved ones to overcome any health obstacle they face, improving the condition of their lives and adding vibrancy to their everyday experience of life. What if you could do all of this from anywhere in the world with no need to be in physical contact with the other person? That is The Body Code System.

The spirit within you holds all of the answers that you need to help you to get well, to stay well, and to function at your absolute peak. 

The Body Code combines the proven techniques of muscle testing and computer programming to unlock the hidden healing power of the subconscious mind. It is simple yet incredibly powerful and comprehensive. The Body Code System is software that enables anyone to practice the art of healing in a very holistic and complete way. It relies upon prayer, the subconscious mind, and the spirit intelligence within to determine what needs to be done.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the present age that we are living in. There is more available to us than ever before! Dr. Mehmet Oz stated recently, “Energy medicine is the future of all medicine.” The Emotion Code and The Body Code System are energy medicine at its finest as they came from the Lord to me to bring to this world. I invite you to use them.

Dr. Brad 🙂