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Primal force

When Russian cosmonauts first spent long periods of time on board the Mir space station, they got sick. Their symptoms indicated this was more than a simple lack of exercise, too much zero gravity or an overdose of canned food. Their illnesses appeared to be caused by a lack of contact with the magnetic field surrounding the earth. After the Russian space station was equipped with a special “magnetism generator”, the cosmonauts’ symptoms disappeared.
After the experiences of the Russian cosmonauts, some scientists must have thought to themselves: if the natural magnetic field surrounding the earth is so important to health, what does it mean that this field is increasingly being disturbed by the explosive growth of electric machinery? After all, every electric current produces an electromagnetic field and those fields increasingly “compete” with the earth’s natural magnetic field.

Cells are ordered by magnetism. The smallest building blocks of life—atoms and molecules—are micro magnets with a plus and minus pole, comparable to the earth’s poles. Because everything is made up of atoms and molecules, every structure is determined by magnetism. Communications in the body take place via miniscule electric currents and the electromagnetic frequencies they generate. If (electro) magnetism orders the very process of life, then a disturbance to this magnetism will result in an increase in chaos and degeneration. And that is exactly what’s being observed: a strong increase in degenerative diseases and chaotic explosions of violence among humans and in nature.

This growth in disorder around us may be explained by the increasing disruption of the natural magnetism that supports health and harmony. The explosive increase in unnatural electromagnetic fields is making increasing numbers of earth dwellers “space sick”. Just like the cosmonauts, people are losing contact with the natural frequencies that support life on earth. A large number of appliances emit extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (see box), often in the same frequency area as the fields that control the biological processes in our bodies. This radiation can disturb hormonal and biochemical processes.
Back in the 1970s the American physician Robert O. Becker, now professor emeritus of orthopedic surgery at the State University of New York, warned that our health would be affected by artificially generated electromagnetic frequencies. Becker, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize for health, is
convinced that the increase in these frequencies is directly linked to the rise in rates of cancer, birth defects, depression, learning disabilities, chronic fatigue and Alzheimer’s.

His argument: “All matter living and non-living is an electromagnetic phenomenon. The material world, at least as far as physics has penetrated, is an atomic structure held together by electromagnetic forces.” His concern: “The human species has changed its electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of the environment.”

How damaging is it, Becker wonders “that the density of radio waves around us is now 100 million or 200 million times the natural level reaching us from the sun.” The question is, how exactly are these waves affecting us?

Experiments with animals have showed that disturbing the electromagnetic fields can have serious consequences. Bees, fish and termites veer off course and are no longer able to perform certain functions. When you destroy half a termite’s nest and then disrupt the workers’ electromagnetic communication, they no longer know what to do. The strength of the electromagnetic field with which termites communicate came to light several years ago in the Peruvian capital of Lima. The fire brigade was sent to clean up a termite’s nest because the waves were so strong they completely scrambled radio reception in a neighboring area. The positive effect of magnetism has been demonstrated in the case of animals as well. Flies that ate magnetized sugar in experiments lived twice as long, and mice exposed to a strong magnetic field twice a day also increased their longevity.

The importance of the magnetic field for orientation was demonstrated by Hans Fromme and Friedrich Merkel of the Zoological Institute in Frankfurt, Germany. In an experiment, they kept European robins in a cage. Away from sunlight and stars, the birds continued to stare longingly to the southwest; precisely the direction they would normally migrate. But when the magnetic fields around the birds were disrupted, they lost their orientation.

Magnetic crystals have been found in a number of animals—including salmon— that enable them to tune in to the earth’s magnetic fields. Recently Robert Becker, among others, found these crystals in humans. Becker believes that people unconsciously tune in and navigate thanks to the magnetic field around them. When these fields are disturbed, people become disoriented—literally ungrounded. The reverse also appears to be true: magnetism can be specifically used for healing. There are indicators dating back thousands of years that ancient Chinese, Japanese and Egyptians used magnets for healing. Descriptions of magnetic therapy have also been found in the works of Aristotle, Plato and Homer. They wrote of using the therapy to help paralysis, rheumatic disorders and swollen joints, among other things. Cleopatra evidently wore a magnetic amulet on her forehead to maintain her youth.

These ancient cultures not only worked with actual magnets, usually made from magnetite, but there are also descriptions of people who could “magnetize” their hands. This type of magnetism was also successfully applied in the 18th century by Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer, among others. The success of his treatment method was so striking that the medical and political authorities of his time felt seriously threatened and wanted to have Mesmer beheaded. Mesmer was eventually vindicated and this type of “magnetization” is still practiced by healers today.

What Mesmer was not able to prove scientifically back then, has been proven now. Robert Becker has demonstrated that the brain waves of healers who magnetize their hands are in synch with the frequency of the earth’s natural magnetic field. This same frequency has also been measured among meditating monks. Researchers at the Menninger Clinic in Kansas, USA, found that healers will often produce up to a million volts of charge during healing work. In other words: meditating is not some cosmic practice, but can actually ground you to the earth. Many healers, too, do nothing more than reconnect their patients to the earth using their magnetic powers.

Robert Becker calls this form of healing “energy medicine”. In his book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life he writes: “The idea of an energy medicine that postulates a common basis for all of these disciplines has arisen lately because of new discoveries in biology that cast serious doubt on strictly mechanistic concepts of life and seems to reintroduce the old idea of a body energy. These discoveries are not ‘vitalistic’ in the sense that they prove or even hint at some mysterious, unknowable life force. Rather, they reveal the presence of electrical and magnetic forces at the most basic levels within living organisms.”

When electricity was developed, it became possible to generate magnetic fields thousands of times stronger than those emitted by magnets. When Nikola Tesla discovered alternating current and the rotating magnetic field at the end of the 19th century, this laid the foundation for controversial but successful instruments that could heal with the help of electromagnetism. One example is the machine that the American physician Royal Raymond Rife used to treat viruses and cancer. Rife had discovered that every cell has a specific electromagnetic frequency. His theory was that if you increase these frequencies, the organism “explodes”, much like an opera singer shatters a glass.

Particularly in countries in the former East Bloc, a large number of experiments have been conducted using electromagnetic instruments, with which specific healing frequencies are generated. William Pawluk, the American physician and vice president of the former North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy, summarized the results of 30 years of research on magnetic therapy in Eastern Europe, and spent 20 years experimenting with magnets on himself and many others. Summarizing his findings, he says, “Actually, people are not biochemical but magnetic. My experience is that many chronic diseases are the direct result of disturbances in our magnetic fields. Unfortunately, science currently sees the body mainly as a biochemical unit and is therefore primarily pharmaceutically oriented.”

Pawluk is enthusiastic about the results of research in Eastern Europe, which he details together with Czech researcher Jiri Jerabek in the book Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe, A Review of 30 years of Research. Pawluk’s conclusion: “Magnets speed up the healing process, decrease pain and increase blood flow, which means you have more oxygen and waste products are eliminated more quickly. They also have a direct effect on biochemical processes in cells. Even after therapy has ended, its effects continue for weeks.”

Physics has many theories about how this works. One of the things we know with good certainty is that electromagnetic fields induce current or charge in the tissues of the body. That is, they help the body generate more energy. Pawluk: “In one example, in wound healing, typically only a small percent of the genes controlling wound healing are turned on. With pulsed magnetic fields upwards of 85% of the genes are turned on. This means a faster and stronger healing response. The wound healing is less likely to stall and get complications. I had one example of a man with a gunshot wound to the head with a bad skin injury and a hole in his skull. The doctors did not have to graft the skin of his face and the hole in skull began to fill in over the 6-8 weeks we were treating him with pulsed magnetic fields.”

The German physician and professor Wolfgang Kafka is also delighted with the results of magnetic therapy. He developed a mattress that emits electromagnetic frequencies (see box). Kafka has collaborated with various universities in recent years in testing the effects of treatments with his mattresses. This research reveals that nine out of ten people respond positively to using the magnetic mattresses. A study of 2,000 patients of various doctors also yielded encouraging results. Kafka: “Eighty percent of the people with a variety of health problems recovered after using magnetic therapy. Ten percent felt much better, and 10 percent unfortunately saw no effect. The patients’ complaints varied from headaches, muscle stiffness, asthma, lumbar vertebra syndrome, sleeping disorders, general aches and pains, arthrosis, blood flow problems, depression, migraines, knee problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, sciatica, osteoporosis, inflammations, skin diseases, rheumatism, diabetes to RSI.”

Kafka believes that because of the many disturbances from new technologies, the earth’s natural magnetic field cannot always supply us with enough energy for vitality and health. “With the help of an electromagnetic field, molecules can be spurred on to greater activity,” he says. “As a result, chemical reactions—and, hence, healing processes—speed up.” For example, it has been shown that electromagnets can speed up the blood flow in capillaries by 300 percent within five minutes. Kafka has a videotape that dramatically shows the effect of electromagnetism on blood cells. The red blood cells “swim” faster and are less prone to clotting, which means they can absorb and emit more oxygen. This could be an explanation for the fact that people often feel more energetic immediately after magnetic therapy.

Because magnetic therapy spurs the body to dispose more quickly of waste materials and speeds up the healing process, William Pawluk considers it ideal in combination with every other therapy: “Chemotherapy research shows that cancer cells are killed twice as fast when magnets are used. That means you need half as much medicine to achieve the same result.”

Magnetic therapy also appears to be exceptionally useful for “daily maintenance”. It helps eliminate built-up tension and rid the body of accumulated poisons. Pawluk estimates that 70 to 80 percent of all the problems physicians hear about from their patients on a daily basis are stress-related. “These cumulative stresses, often so small as to be unnoticeable, gradually accumulate and like grains of sand over time, can create a desert. Magnetic fields blow away the accumulating grains before there are too many.”

Research into the healing effects of magnetic therapy is still in the early stages. There is still no equipment capable of precisely measuring the subtle frequencies in the body. As a result, magnetic therapy has made little headway in convincing the medical establishment of its importance. However, evidence is mounting that electromagnetic fields are vital forces that can stimulate remarkable healing. George Burke writes in his book Magnetic Therapy: “Healing is nothing other than restoring the regulating ability of the magnetic force.” He concludes that magnetic therapy quickly increases the influx of vital power in the body and remagnetizes it, restoring its ability to organize itself. “This gives the body back its natural magnetic power.”
The power of magnetic therapy is that it works directly on so many illnesses at their very essence—a lack of life force and harmony in the patient’s system.

As a primal force in the universe and in our bodies, magnetism is part of the very foundation of health.

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