The “Save a Soldier” Campaign

I would like to provide a FREE copy of the Emotion Code eBook to every soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Since the Emotion Code is such an incredibly powerful tool for healing from the effects of emotional trauma (PTSD) and since it is so easy to learn and use on yourself, and since our soldiers overseas are in such desperate need of this kind of help, this is the right thing to do.

Will you help me? Imagine if these boys and girls who are serving our country could have this information at their disposal, to help themselves and their buddies who are suffering from the trauma of war. You know, the military’s answer to this problem is Prozac and other mind-altering drugs. We have a solution for them, and it can be delivered via email to each soldier, as many as are interested.

This won’t cost you anything; I will bear all the costs involved. I know that with your help, and with God’s help, we can make this happen. To send a copy of the Emotion Code eBook to a soldier, simply visit this link: Please help me to make this happen!

Dr. Brad : )