Thoughts on the Amega Wand and Zero Point Energy

It isn’t very often that a new technology comes along that is as powerful as the Amega Wand. I have been using it on family and friends now for a few months, just to be sure that this so-called ‘zero point’ energy device is real, and I can assure you, it is. It’s a very exciting technology, and is a great addition to Nikken’s magnetic products, although it is made by a different company, Amega Global.

Part of my job, I feel, is to pass on to you the best products and the best information about healing that I can. So I am now sharing this information with you about Amega, having proven to myself that it is real and that it works, and that it is not some kind of scam.

This is the most exciting technology that I have seen since I was introduced to Nikken many years ago. Using the Amega wand on people who are in pain or discomfort will usually result in a dramatic reduction of that pain or discomfort within just a few minutes.

Of course, the Nikken magnets also have this effect. The interesting thing is that the Amega Wand works on a different principle frommagnets,  that principle being zero point energy.

So what is zero point energy?

Albert Einstein said that all atoms vibrate, and he said that they get the energy to vibrate from the energy that fills the space around them; he called this space “nullpunktenergie” or zero point energy.  Even in the vacuum of space, there is energy.  The vacuum of space is filled with this specific kind of energy, zero point energy.

The Amega wand  is a stainless steel cylinder containing an assortment of different crystals. Amega has come up with a process where, by subjecting this wand to 22 days in a special pressurized chamber,  they are able to render this stainless steel cylinder into a very potent healing tool. There is an energy beam that extends out from the tip of the wand anywhere from 9 to 21 feet.  The testing that I have done indicates that this beam stays fairly concentrated, and is more like a laser beam than a beam of light coming from a flashlight; in other words, this beam stays fairly concentrated. Amega also sells a Pendant, which envelopes the entire body in a zero point energy field, a great device.

In my mind, the Amega Global products do not take the place of the Nikken magnets, but they are a great additional tool to have in your healing toolbox.

Although I’ve been using this device for several months now, you may be wondering why I’m only putting this information out now. The simple reason is that my reputation is on the line. Put yourself in my place. You’d want to be quite sure that something is real before you endorse it.  I’ve proven to myself over and over now that this device is definitely real, it definitely works. The retail price on the Amega Wand is $304, or you can enroll as an associate and buy one for $273.60. This is a network marketing company, like Nikken, like Isagenix, like so many others. Frankly, I have found that the very best products you will find on this planet are sold through network marketing, and it is a totally viable form of business, etc.

I am currently experimenting to see if using the Amega Wand in conjunction with Nikken’s Biaxial PowerMag will increase the effect of them both…. I will let you know what I find out. Fun stuff!!

Dr. Brad : )

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