Coping with Emotions from Pandemic and the Past

Identify and let go of emotional baggage from difficult times

Life is full of emotional ups and downs. Sometimes the hardships we experience can be so overwhelming that they leave us stuck with feelings that can hamper our happiness or even harm our health and well-being.

The impact of negative emotions from traumatic and difficult events is a growing concern during the challenging times we now face. One new study, for instance, finds the emotional well-being of most American adults has been “broadly and substantially affected by COVID-19 and the related changes in life and society.”

Emotional distress related to COVID-19 is associated with higher frequency of clinical levels of anxiety, depression, and general life stress, along with lower reported levels of overall happiness, according to the U.S. National Pandemic Emotional Impact Report from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Harvard Medical School.

Prolonged and/or intense negative feelings can have effects long after the events that precipitate them. They can take a toll on emotional, mental, and physical health and compel people to behave in ways that damage their relationships or impact their ability to have healthy, long-lasting bonds.

When you have an intensely difficult experience, the emotions you feel should fade with time; but sometimes they’re just too much for you to handle. In such cases, your body could hold onto that negative energy in the form of what many call “emotional baggage.”

We describe these unresolved feelings as Trapped Emotions because their emotional energy may literally become trapped in the body. Learning to identify and release Trapped Emotions may benefit Americans struggling today with the pandemic’s emotional toll, helping them face the current challenges unencumbered by the weight of previous hardships.

When you suffer something traumatic, it can be extremely difficult to confront the resulting feelings. You may feel like doing so would force you to relive what you’ve already endured. In our experience, these un-confronted or unprocessed feelings can fester, potentially preventing you from sleeping well, causing tension, or making you feel angry, sad, bitter, anxious, guilty, or fearful.

Over time, having these festering feelings may cause their negative energies to become lodged within your body, where they could trigger you to spiral into those feelings over and over again.

Fortunately there are simple methods that anyone can learn that may help to unpack and dispose of unwanted emotional baggage. These techniques may be helpful for people struggling through the current crisis as well as those dealing with unhealed emotions from traumatic and difficult experiences in the past:

  • Identify trapped negative emotions using muscle testing, a noninvasive practice of tapping into the subconscious mind to access information about physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Your subconscious mind is intimately connected to positive and negative energies. By testing your muscles’ natural response and resistance to these energies, you can uncover the emotions that may be keeping you from full emotional healing. You can explore these methods for free by visiting
  • Meditate to explore your thoughts and emotions, acknowledge trapped negative feelings, and process them. You may medicate with a guide or by yourself, intimately exploring thoughts and emotions. As you meditate, you may find yourself able to detach from negative thought patterns.
  • Use physical activity and exerciseto release physical and emotional tension, fend off negative thoughts, and boost your mood. Exercise isn’t usually considered an energy healing technique, but it definitely uses your body’s energy, and can have a major impact on your emotional healing ability. Whether it be dancing to an upbeat song, going for a 20-minute walk, or taking a long hike, the human body is designed to move. When you make the effort to get your body moving, you could soon find yourself feeling more positive about yourself and your circumstances.

Releasing Trapped Emotions with energy healing is a process that cannot be successfully completed by cutting corners. When working on your own emotional healing, it’s important to take every step — including identifying the distressing feelings you may have been harboring. You don’t have to relive bad times, but it is important to realize how those experiences may be affecting you today. When you are able to identify and release Trapped Emotions from the past, you may feel happier and better able to cope with whatever comes your way.