Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been feeling of deep sense of gratitude this morning, gratitude to the Creator. I believe that all we have and are, every breath we take, and all we hope to become, is thanks to Him who created us and gave us life and breath.

We have been traveling over this last month, and are finally home, which is a wonderful thing in itself. We were privileged to visit many of the holy sites in Jerusalem, and I was struck by the devotion of the many pilgrims visiting there, of all religions.

You and I are pioneers in this new healing work. Thank you for all you do to help bring light into this world that has suffered from so much darkness for so long. It’s time for a new world to be born, and it is happening right before our eyes, one person at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at DiscoverHealing.com!

Dr. Brad : )