Turn Self-Doubt Into Self-Love

Resilience, our ability to bounce back from difficult times, is linked with self-love. Yet half of women worldwide feel more self-doubt than self-love, and 60% wish they had more respect for themselves, a new survey finds.

Learning to develop self-love is an important skill in a happy, healthy life. You deserve love just as much as everyone else in your life does. So how can you increase the love you feel for yourself?

A good place to start is by taking care of yourself. By taking time to care for yourself and prioritizing your health and happiness, you’ll also have more love to share with the people around you.

Loving yourself can include focusing on self-care, giving yourself positive encouragement, and taking time to yourself. It may look different for each person! Here are a few suggestions for ways you can practice self-love each day:

1. Start each day with a positive affirmation. This means saying something positive to yourself each day, it could be “I am loved” or “I am strong” — whatever phrase you want to invoke that day!

2. Take care of yourself with healthy nutrition. Valuing your health and wellness by eating nutrient-dense, delicious, healthy food is a great way to practice self-love.

3. Practice joyful movement. This could mean dancing, yoga, or walking in the wilderness (or around the block). Move your body and take care of yourself physically.

4. Set healthy boundaries. Learning when to say “no” can help protect your time and energy so that you can give your all to the things you truly care about.

5. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Comparison is the thief of joy! Try only measuring yourself against who you used to be, rather than comparing yourself to others.

6. Surround yourself with people who love you. Having people who love you and express that love can be an amazing support system and can help reinforce the love you have for yourself.

7. Take time to relax. Give yourself the gift of slowing down. Take a bubble bath, read a book, meditate, or any other activity you love but don’t usually give yourself time for.

8. Be true to yourself. Follow your passions, and allow yourself to let joy be your guide! Make time to do the things that make you happy.

9. Celebrate your wins. Whether your successes are huge or small, take time to appreciate them and the work that you did to achieve them. Be proud of yourself.

10. Appreciate what makes you different. You are uniquely you, and the more you embrace what makes you special the more you’ll love your true self.

11. Take care of business. Self-love sometimes means taking care of tasks that you need to do. If you have a few tasks that have been causing you stress and looming over you, take time to check them off your list and you’ll likely feel more calm and free.

12. Practice gratitude. Taking time to appreciate all that you are and all that you have can help you to cultivate love for yourself.

13. Let go of past traumas. This can be a challenge, but processing and releasing past hurts can be a freeing experience, creating more space in your life for health and happiness.

14. Set an appointment with a healer. Sometimes you need help and support in your journey to self-love. Taking time to care for yourself with a massage session, yoga, natural healing, mental health therapist, and more can be an amazing way to care for yourself.

15. Learn a new energy healing skill. Find out how you can use energy healing practices such as  The Emotion Code® and The Body Code® to address and resolve emotional baggage that may be harming your health and relationships or otherwise holding you back in life.

Remember that you deserve to feel loved and taken care of, and schedule a few of these activities into your week.

By Dr. Bradley Nelson