Thoughts on RAM and The Emotion Code Breakthrough

I have been thinking a lot lately about how important our questions are. I wrote somewhere recently that The Emotion Code is a breakthrough similar to the invention of Random Access Memory (RAM).

When I was first introduced to computers, back in 1980, we used magnetic tape to store information and run programs on our computers. The first computer that I ever actually  possessed was an IBM 5100, like you see here. It used a magnetic tape, like the old 8-track tapes. If there was some kind of information somewhere on that tape, I would have to rewind the tape and search for it, which could take a long time. This was mainly an exercise in frustration, but it was the state of the art. This type of data storage was known as “sequential access,” as you would have to rewind or fast forward through all sorts of unrelated data to get to the precise data that you wanted.

The invention of Random Access Memory, or RAM was a quantum leap in computing, because it enabled the computer to jump instantly to the precise location of the data requested without having to wind through all sorts of unrelated data; it made computers fantastically more useable, and really was the foundation of the personal computer revolution.

In the same way that the invention of RAM was a quantum leap in computing, I believe that The Emotion Code is a breakthrough without parallel in the field of Energy Psychology. Just as the invention of RAM enabled the instant acquisition of stored data in a computer, The Emotion Code enables the instant acquisition and release of the trapped emotions that are the most common underlying cause of our emotional and physical illness.

Think about this for a moment.

We are living in an age of the world that is truly without precedent. I believe that we are living at present in a time of personal empowerment unimaginable in any other age. Think of how much things have changed in only the last 10 years. Most people now have internet access, and the entire database of mankind’s knowledge is now available to anyone with a computer or a smartphone. If you have a question about almost any topic, you can look up the answer in seconds from anywhere at any time. Many people now run business from their homes, something that would have been impossible a few years ago. I know someone who runs his business in the United States from his apartment in Buenos Aires, via his staff in Bangalore, India, all from his laptop.

I think that the movement toward individual empowerment is just beginning. And the Emotion Code will be a key player in this movement, because it provides such a simple and rapid technology to free ourselves and become who we are truly capable of becoming.

The world has labored for all it’s ages under the darkness of evil kings and corrupted rulers, and it’s inhabitants have mourned from their wars of conquest and their lusts for power and control. But I believe that the tide is changing…

I believe the day will come when The Emotion Code will be a household word, when it will be practiced in every home in the world. Someday parents will understand the importance of releasing the trapped emotions in their children. Someday soon, people will realize just how important releasing their trapped emotions really is.

I believe that every trapped emotion that is released brings us a step closer to a world without sorrow, a world in which we will all live “with hearts knit together in love.” So hang in there. It’s coming….!

Dr. Brad : )