Bronson Staker on the Today Show

In case you missed it, Dr. Nelson’s grandson Bronson Staker was on the Today show in New York last Friday. Thanks again for all your prayers and all your faith;  so many of you from all over the world contributed to Bronson being able to stay with us. You can see on this video that Bronson is doing very well, very much a miracle after being dead for 40 minutes!

I believe that Bronson was given a choice on the other side; a choice of either remaining in that place or coming back to this world. I believe that, in order to honor the prayers and faith of all of those who were praying for him, that he chose to come back. His mother says that the one thing that is different about him now is that he takes everyone’s face in his hands and looks deep into their eyes, something that he never did before.

God truly is a God of miracles. And here’s proof!

Dr. Brad 🙂