Thoughts on The Emotion Code European Tour 2010…

What a wonderful experience it has been traveling in Europe over these last five weeks. Our first seminar city was Valencia, Spain, one of the most beautiful cities I think I’ve ever seen, with many of its sidewalks actually paved with pink marble! The Emotion Code Seminar that we held in Valencia was the very first seminar that we have ever held which was translated simultaneously into another language. I wasn’t really sure how that was going to work out at first. Because everything that I was going to say was going to have to be translated, I thought perhaps the seminar might need more time, or that we might end up running out of time. But we had a wonderful translator in the person of Leonie Amond, and we were able to keep to our seminar schedule without any deviation at all. I would like to especially thank Dr. Charles Payne, who was instrumental in bringing us to Valencia, his wife Dr. Bronagh, who was able to receive some significant help with her neck, hip, and shoulder problems, and Dr. Payne’s assistants, Leonie and Tamsin German, and to Mary Ruiz of San Antonio for translating all of the slides and paperwork into Spanish for us. We were all so impressed with the warmth and beauty of the Spanish people. We had a wonderful seminar, with lots of healing taking place, and at the end of the seminar we were introduced to the traditional Spanish method of saying goodbye, which is a kiss on both cheeks!

Valencia, Spain

Our next seminar city was Munich, and we were so blessed to have our good friend Dr. Susanne Hufnagel there, to help us make it all happen. We first met Susanne last year in Dublin, Ireland when she came to our seminar there. On her way home to Germany after the seminar was over, she had a very strong feeling that she should translate The Emotion Code into German. She contacted me about it and I gave her a green light to go ahead and start the translation. I don’t believe in coincidences, and there was nothing coincidental about any of this, by the way. As a result, the Emotion Code translation into German is now complete, and the book will be published in Germany by VAK Verlags publishing in November of this year, which we’re all very excited about. We had people in attendance at the Munich seminar from all over Europe, including Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the people are that attend our seminars. I guess it’s because this work is all about serving other people, and helping other people. I think that somehow the best people on the planet are being attracted to these seminars, and our seminar in Munich was no exception. We feel like we have friends now that we never knew before, in every one of these cities, and every one of these countries!

Munich, Germany

Amsterdam was our next stop, and I was surprised to find that, when I asked for a show of hands to see how many people wanted simultaneous translation of the seminar into Dutch, that no one raised their hand. Most people can understand English and speak it as well in the Netherlands. People came to this seminar not only from Amsterdam and the Netherlands, but also from Sweden, Denmark, France and Germany.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is so much healing that needs to take place in this world. In Europe, there is a special need because of all the trauma the people have been through for so many years, due to all the wars that have been fought there. One particular woman who attended the Amsterdam seminar was a prime example. She is currently suffering from breast cancer, and when we asked her subconscious mind why the cancer had manifested in her body, a very tragic story came out. It turned out that her mother was a German who was captured by the Russians at the tender age of 17 and taken to a Russian prison camp. It was in this horrifying prison camp that her daughter was conceived by rape, and in which she tried to abort her. There are so many stories like this in Europe. Nearly everyone’s parents or grandparents were touched by war in some tragic way, and the results of all those sad experiences are continuing to resonate in both the living and the dead. What a great blessing this work is! What great potential it has to heal the lives and hearts of so many, both living and dead! Remember that releasing inherited emotional energy from a living person releases that energy from their ancestors, generation upon generation!

The final stop on our European tour was London, and once again, we had people in attendance not only from the UK, but from Ireland, the US, Norway, France, Portugal, and the Isle of Man. Thanks to all of you who attended our London seminar from wherever you came from! It was a lot of fun for all of us, and a marvelous experience with lots of healing and lots of love.

London, UK

And that is what all this is about, isn’t it? Love. The most powerful force in the universe, and a big reason why we are here, I think. To learn to love, and that unconditionally.

The earth is transforming before our eyes. One at a time, people are shedding the old baggage of their negative emotions. People are stepping out of their false-selves and their true-selves are emerging, more brilliant and more powerful than they ever imagined! People are freeing themselves and their ancestors from all the emotional pain that they still carry, and by doing so are freeing the earth!

Dr. Brad : )