Is Your Heart Closed off to Love?

8 Questions to Help Determine If You Have a Heart-Wall

Do you or someone you know have trouble giving or receiving love, trusting others, or forming deep and satisfying relationships? These are signs of a widely prevalent but little understood condition known as a Heart-Wall®.

When you experience a traumatic childhood, a bad breakup, a divorce, the death of a partner, abuse, severe injury, or any dreadful event, the emotional pain of the experience can cause you to feel defensive and to wall off your heart. A Heart-Wall may prevent you from giving and receiving love, block you from trusting others and forming new relationships, and leave you feeling perpetually lonely and isolated.

Heart-Walls are made up of the energy of Trapped Emotions from difficult experiences. Most people have multiple unresolved and unprocessed emotions that lay trapped one over another, all covering their heart creating a Heart-Wall. Trapped Emotions such as these are commonly referred to as emotional baggage.

Trapped Emotions can make people more susceptible to emotional distress and relationship problems. They commonly manifest in physical discomfort and illness as they exert prolonged stress to the tissues and systems of the body, causing all manner of dysfunction and even disease. Trapped Emotions can go undetected for years because their energy remains intact until discovered and intentionally released. Trapped Emotions have a compounding effect when they form a Heart-Wall, as in the following example:

A child experiences feeling low self-esteem, blame, loss, worthlessness, abandonment, and fear when her parents struggle with their relationship and get divorced. She feels she is to blame because her parents are often angry, not only with each other, but also with her. She matures and gets married, hopes for happiness, but is troubled by nagging feelings of inadequacy and thoughts such as, “I am not good enough” or “How could anyone really love me?” The emotions felt during her childhood became trapped within, and have caused her to live in fear of being judged and abandoned. When she eventually discovers that her husband has been unfaithful, her fears are confirmed. Despite counseling, she feels unable to love and trust with an open heart. Life is sad and her heart feels as broken as her relationship. She undoubtedly has a Heart-Wall that formed in her childhood and other Trapped Emotions followed during her adult life. Until she consciously resolves those trapped emotional energies that have created the Heart-Wall, those energies will continue to influence her.

A Heart-Wall is first formed as defensive mechanism — your body’s attempt to protect your vulnerable heart from further hurt and trauma. This energetic barrier keeps you from feeling as deeply as you otherwise would, in an attempt to protect the core of your being, your heart. Although this can be helpful in the short term, it has a serious downside: It inhibits your ability to feel love, joy, gratitude and other wonderful emotions. It leaves you feeling disconnected, numb, shutdown emotionally, and out of touch with what you want to feel.

Determining If You Have a Heart-Wall

If you think you might have a Heart-Wall, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you been injured emotionally in the past?
  2. Have you ever felt an emotional heaviness in your heart, as though your heart was breaking?
  3. Do you feel as though you can’t fully experience joy or love?
  4. Do you struggle to connect with others?
  5. Is it hard for you to connect romantically with your partner?
  6. Do you feel numb or closed off to love?
  7. Do you often feel lonely or isolated from those around you?
  8. Do you feel heaviness or discomfort in your chest, neck, or shoulders?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a Heart-Wall. Identifying this possibility is a great first step toward healing. Once you’ve determined what’s potentially holding you back, the next step is to check for Trapped Emotions that may have formed a Heart-Wall.

The most effective way we know to clear a Heart-Wall is to use The Emotion Code™. A Heart-Wall can be identified and removed by following the Emotion Code charts and doing a method of muscle testing on yourself, or by working with a Certified Emotion Code or Body Code Practitioner. If you’re not sure how to use The Emotion Code to clear energetic blockages, we recommend that you work with a practitioner who is trained to clear Trapped Emotions and Heart-Walls. You can find certified practitioners listed at:

Completely clearing a Heart-Wall may require several sessions. This is because a Heart-Wall is typically made of layers of emotional energy which need to be identified, cleared and processed. Here are four things to help you when clearing a Heart-Wall:

  1. Refer to the Heart Wall Flow Chart and The Emotion Code Chart and follow the questions listed. These charts can be found with the starter kit on Since it is free, you have nothing to loose but your emotional baggage.
  2. Use muscle testing when asking the questions listed on the Heart-Wall Flow Chart. Always ask the questions in such a way that the answer is either a “yes” or a “no.”
  3. Identify the Trapped Emotion(s) that make up your Heart-Wall one at a time, using The Chart of Emotions and muscle testing.
  4. Keep your intention clear and focused as you swipe a magnet (or your hand) over the Governing Meridian 3 times to release each Trapped Emotion that you find, or 10 times for an inherited Trapped Emotion. (Yes, you can inherit emotional baggage!)

After Releasing a Heart-Wall

After releasing your Heart-Wall, you may sense an immediate shift. Releasing emotional energy sometimes leaves you feeling echos of the emotions you just cleared for a short time, but the change is more often a subtle and pleasant one. Many people report a feeling of lightness immediately. After a short period of processing, some begin to  feel love and joy more profoundly — sometimes for the first time in years. This usually comes as a great surprise as they may have given up on the idea of ever being able to love deeply and freely. Yet a powerful transformation is possible through this tool for energy healing.

~Dr. Bradley Nelson