Stress-Proof Your Health

What is stress? It is nothing but an imbalance of energy, partly conscious and partly subconscious. The energy that you spend focusing on negativity and fear is directly proportional to your stress level. What many don’t realize is that this is something they have conscious control over. Stress is also caused by the subconscious; all those little nagging messages about unfinished business in the back of your mind that pop up at inopportune moments when you’re not in a position to act. Commitments that you have made and not kept, people that you have yet to forgive and looming deadlines are all sources of these stressful nagging messages. Possibly even more powerful than these are energetic imbalances such as trapped emotions – the remnants of trauma that have become stuck in the body, leading us to unconsciously choose certain feelings, thoughts and expectations. So what can you do to reduce stress in your own life?

  1. Find peace through forgiveness. If there’s someone who has hurt you or wronged you in some way, and you haven’t forgiven them, your stress level will inevitably be greater than it should. The higher path of the spirit is to be at peace with the universe and with all our fellow beings. None of us are perfect and we all have reasons for acting the way we do. Strive for a state of acceptance and understanding of others, despite their negative behavior or difficult nature. And don’t forget to go easy on yourself too! How many times have you chastised yourself for making a poor decision, lashing out at others, being clumsy or running late for a meeting? Most mistakes we make won’t affect us in the long run. In fact, by recognizing the value in our own folly, we can learn some of life’s most valuable lessons! Learn to let things go and be generous and kind to yourself and others.
  2. Make intelligent and balanced decisions. You are the pilot of your own course in life. When you find yourself automatically being guided toward the emotion of anger, for example, wait a few seconds and ask yourself if it would better serve you to change course! The ability to choose more positive emotions is something all of us have, but it’s like a muscle that needs regular exercise in order to serve us best. When you focus on flexing this muscle, you will learn better patience and your emotions will enhance your life instead of controlling it. This can also help you maintain healthy boundaries, with yourself and others. Make only the commitments you know you can keep without stressing yourself out. Learn when to say no when you’re uncomfortable. Respect your time, energy and resources. Take care of your physical needs by getting enough rest and proper fuel.
  3. Try an energy psychology technique such as The Emotion Code or The Body Code. Using these techniques, you can release emotional baggage, help restore peace to your subconscious and correct physical imbalances too. This can lower your stress level by quickly getting straight to the underlying causes of negative emotional choices and nagging, negative thoughts. Removing these underlying causes of stress will also help your physical body to heal and function optimally, providing you with more energy to fulfill your commitments, meet your deadlines and create a state of acceptance and forgiveness on a daily basis. The Emotion Code and The Body Code are easy to use and effectively achieve lasting results in balancing the mind, body and spirit!