Comments from the Emotion Code Seminar in Vancouver, B.C.

We had a wonderful seminar this weekend, with people in attendance from across Canada and the United States, and from as far away as London, UK, where we will be holding our next seminar in about 2 weeks, the week after which we will be holding yet another Emotion Code seminar in Dublin, Ireland. Special thanks to all of you who attended this seminar and helped to make it a special event for all. Extra special thanks to Natalie and Kristi for running the seminar and making it so much fun, and to Janice Hill for treating the three of us to a special sushi dinner at the Queen Elizabeth Park overlooking Vancouver and the personal tour of the Bloedel Conservatory. This was an unforgettable seminar all around! Here are some comments from the attendees:

Your seminar this weekend was fantastic. It was very easy to follow and it opened my mind and thought up everlasting. Thank you very much and I’m so thankful for this opportunity. – Joanne H. (Ontario)

I thought your seminar was wonderful! I am excited to go home and practice helping all my friends and family. I know the future, my future, is on an upward climb! – Darla B – (Washington)

Outstanding. I’ve seen it and it blew me away. WOW. Being in 2 places at once – I understand a whole lot more. Rod G. (BC)

It just gets better each time I take the seminar. John S. (BC)

Great info – Great Speaker! Best seminar I have ever attended. This material changes lives – my life has already changed. Thank you. Achille Radelet, D.C. (Washington)

Fantastic! See you in UK. – Joan (London, UK)

Very exciting information. This is so simple and streamlined. No major memory required! Wendy C. (BC)

Good expansion on book’s content. – Sandy M. (BC)

It was great, I really enjoyed it! Very informative and I learned a lot. – Andrei P. (BC)

Very clear and pertinent to my current practice. I can apply it immediately with confidence. – Kent Smith, RMT (BC)

Great info! I like the practrice sessions! Nice to have a small group. The Emotion Code is one of the best healing tools in my toolbox for people and animals! – Jeralita C. (Washington)

Very fascinating information! I learned lots that will be very powerful in helping people. I liked the opportunity to practice. Thank you! Robyn H. (California)