More on the Nikken Convention

The Nikken Convention here in Orlando was quite fantastic, with new products being introduced that I hope to detail for everyone in subsequent posts. I was able to rent a room and speak to 4 different groups of attendees during the afternoon yesterday, and I think everyone had a great time. I asked people to come up front if they were hurting, (generally at least a 7 on a 0-10 scale) and was successful in finding a trapped emotion in each case, the release of which gave instant results for all. It was a lot of fun, and I am very excited to have made some new connections. There were some misunderstandings with Nikken officials about exactly who I was going to be speaking to, and I was told by the resort staff that I would be limited to 100 people, even though the room would hold 180, but in the end, the room was sufficient for everyone that wanted to attend, I think. I hope to be able to coordinate with Nikken so that at next year’s convention I will be part of the program, instead of a fringe element, but time will tell. It was so wonderful to reconnect with old friends and make a lot of new ones, too. This is a very special group of people, who are truly interested in helping others to get well and stay well. Nikken is a great company, at the forefront of wellness technologies, and I am very grateful to their technologies; without them, there would be no Emotion Code!

Dr. Brad : )