The Emotion Code: “Faster” Than EFT?

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, has become quite popular worldwide; many of you are familiar with it; I have never been to any of the EFT seminars, but I know it is a method that gets results. I have heard from many EFT practitioners around the world about how impressed they are with The Emotion Code. I received this email just today along these lines:

Dear Dr Nelson

I purchased your email book The Emotion Code after I saw it advertised saying it was faster than EFT. I read about it in Bill Hendersons Cancer Newsletter too.

I have done up to Level 3 of EFT so I was very curious. Today I practised on my client after reading your book and found it to be true, The Emotion Code is faster than EFT. I am very impressed.

Thank you for sharing The Emotion Code with us.

M. H.