I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints since I was eight years old. My ancestors on both sides joined the church back in the 1840’s and 50’s, and sacrificed everything for the truth they had found. I have served in many capacities in the church, from branch president to full-time missionary (Italy), to scoutmaster, gospel doctrine teacher, webmaster, etc. I am very grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, for His teachings, for His sacrifice and for his life. Here are some great videos about His life that you might enjoy:

The Book of Mormon is another book of Holy Scripture, another testament of Jesus Christ, that tells the story of a group of people who were brought by the Lord from the Holy Land around 600 BC to the Americas. Their progeny developed into two great civilizations, and the prophets who lived among them foretold that the Son of God would be born in Jerusalem, that He would teach the people and do many miracles, but that He would eventually be put to death by them. They prophesied that He would rise from the dead, and that He would appear to the people of the Americas and others. The Book of Mormon is the story of these people as well as the visit of Jesus Christ to the Americas. Here are some video highlights about the Book of Mormon:

As He had done before with the Old Testament prophets Samuel, David, Jeremiah and Daniel, in our day our Father in Heaven called a very young man to help Him fulfill his purposes on earth. In 1820, Joseph Smith, a fourteen year old boy, was called to be God’s prophet. Here’s a video that tells his story:


Here is a brief explanation of the Book of Mormon:

Get a free Book of Mormon here: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/c…

John Nelson JrMy grandfather on my fathers side was John Alexander Nelson, Jr. He was a cowboy from Alberta, Canada who served as a missionary to the Samoan islands, starting in 1910. After a few years, when he was getting ready to leave Samoa and return to Canada, he was asked by the leadership of the church to stay behind to serve as the president of the Samoan and Tongan missions, a call which he accepted and fulfilled for 4 additional years. He was given the gift of the Tongan language at one point, and suddenly began speaking perfect Tongan, a gift which remained with him until his mission was over.

In 2007, after self-publishing the Emotion Code, I republished a book that my aunt Verda Jensen and her daughter Carol Lasson had compiled about our ancestors, especially my grandfather John and his wife Vera Wilcox. This book has a lot of amazing stories in it, including the following:

  • My great-grandfather is harassed by entities while lost in the woods (pg 14)
  • How my great-grandmother (a midwife) knew when she was needed in days of no phones (pg 29)
  • My grand aunt was kidnapped (pg 32)
  • Two stranded boys are saved by prayer and a tiny white bird (pg 41)
  • My grandfather sees a man walk on water (pg 66)
  • A young missionary is physically attacked by an entity that wants to silence him (pg 72)
  • A miraculous healing (pg 74)
  • A young missionary heals a blind man (pg 78)
  • My grandfather is given the “gift of tongues” in Tonga and suddenly began speaking fluent Tongan (pg 116)
  • My grandfather heals a blind Samoan woman (pg 153)
  • A baby is left for dead on the trail West, but wait…! (pg 177)
  • Prayer saves my grandfather, lost in a Canadian blizzard (pg 203)
  • My grandmother sees the man she will marry in a dream… then meets him! (pg 215)
  • My grandfather’s life is saved by a horse (pg 224)
  • My father is branded with a hot-iron (pg 227)
  • A miracle saves the life of my aunt Verda from gangrene and peritonitis (pg 311)
  • Prayer plows the road ahead (literally!) (pg 353)
  • How not listening to that little inner voice nearly got my grandfather robbed (pg 354)
  • A deceased sister returns as an angel with a message (pg 361)
  • A flat tire is miraculously repaired without human intervention (pg 367)

Download a free .pdf copy of Heritage and Histories by clicking here