How Important IS the Heart-Wall?

I have been pondering today about the meaning and significance of The Emotion Code to the world, and especially that of the Heart-Wall. I think it is difficult for us to truly comprehend. To be succinct, here is what we are telling the world:

  1. The human heart is a second brain that is far more powerful than the brain in our heads.
  2. The heart-brain is the seat of our creativity and the source of our love and our ability to feel.
  3. Negative Emotional energies (Trapped Emotions) can become lodged around the heart.
  4. The subconscious mind often takes those energies and forms an energy-wall around the heart.
  5. This ‘Heart-Wall’ blocks from us giving and receiving love, and from reaching our full potentials.
  6. Removing the Heart-Wall from people causes significant changes to occur for them, including the disappearance of depression, physical problems, emotional difficulties, and more.
  7. Removing the Heart-Wall often results in people falling in love for the first time, or falling more deeply in love with the person they are with, and often results in a deep sense of peace and an enhanced ability to feel positive emotions such as joy and happiness.
  8. Anyone can learn to release ‘Heart-Walls’ by reading the Emotion Code.
  9. According to Anne Hornes Near-Death Experience, clearing the Heart-Wall will someday assume a cosmic significance, as a threshold of enough open hearts will suddenly allow divine light from above to penetrate and permeate this world, changing it forever. I do believe that if we are to achieve a higher level of civilization, we must of necessity begin to live from our hearts. It is the way, and I believe is what all the great teachers have been telling us for all these years. No way around it.

I have been told more than once that the discovery of the ‘Heart-Wall’ may be the biggest discovery in the history of energetic medicine. Perhaps this is so. What are your thoughts about this? I would love to hear from you.