Thanks to you!

As I write these words, I find myself about 35,000 feet over Oregon, I suppose. As I think back over the events of the last few days, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the help that was extended to me in making the Emotion Code seminar a success.

My heartfelt thanks go out to Brenda and Rob from Conscious Talk Radio in Seattle, who not only talked up the seminar for weeks on their morning radio show, but who also attended the seminar themselves and helped make it what it was.

Special thanks go out to Madeline Blazewicz, who arranged the beautiful meeting location in Bellevue, complete with blossoming Cherry trees and fantastic weather!

Thanks also to all of you attendees! Your willingness to share yourself, to put yourself ‘out there’ in front of an audience and to unleash your inner healer was really a joy to behold. Thank you all so very much; together we can start to make a difference in this world, one person at a time!