Comments from the Emotion Code Seminar in London, UK

The information was clear and understandable and on some occasions funny and entertaining. Knowledge that we received was extremely profound and liberating. I was happily satisfied with the event and the personalized help I received. ~Barbara Bell, Grand Junction, CO

The atmosphere was close in and warm. I was moved by the Nelson family’s unity and presence of love. I’ve been practicing a few months but this was the launch pad for much more. I also felt God’s guiding hand throughout. ~Dr. Ashley Crosthwaite

It has changed my life for 100% better. I’ve achieved every goal for this seminar. Thank you very much. ~Ana S.

Great presentation and personality. Funny, friendly, simple. I now have more confidence to test others. Very happy The Body Code is available now. ~Louise C., Paris, France

A completely mind-blowing experience for me. I was drawn to The Emotion Code from the start, but the profound and swift healing I experienced has convinced me that this is one of, if not the most, powerful and comprehensive healing modalities in existence, and one I intend to devote my healing career to. My deepest thanks to Dr. Brad and his entire family. ~Bronia Fuchs-Willig

It was a joy fest! Thank you for coming, especially for working as a family. We all felt a little like your extended family. Brilliant, wonderful, and earth and heaven shaking! The use of The Emotion Code has given me hope in my marriage as well as my work as a marriage educator and healer. ~Susan Crosthwaite

A lively presentation with good chances to practice. It was very helpful when the Doc and his wife sometimes helped. ~Anonymous

Loads of hope for the real healing of my health, family, and community. ~Keitha Browning

Very clear information, communicated well and with passion. Inspired to deliver workshops in the future. ~W.

Very thoughtful. Brought the book to life. Can’t wait to get started. ~Denise Lucas

Seeing The Emotion Code in practice was very helpful. Having questions answered cleared up some of my confusion. ~Angela, Wales

Lots of examples and time to test. ~Caren H.

I learned so much more than I thought, and so much more than was in the book. This was a great presentation, Dr. Brad and family. Look forward to getting certified. ~Sandy Middleton

It’ great to have a family team working together – a seldom occurrence in today’s world. ~Cecilie Fortune

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, which for me pulled together aspects of my therapies and in a very gentle way gets to the route cause of many ailments and discontent. ~Martin

Totally met my expectations of his exciting aspect of healthcare. Very glad I came along and look forward to learning more. ~E. Smith

Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Well presented and extremely informative. I hope that with practice my skills will develop and my delivery will be as elegant as yours. Thank You. ~Nici Shaw

Well presented, supported and executed. Fun and informative and useful. Would happily recommend it to a friend. ~D. Parsad

Informative, entertaining, friendly, open, very helpful. ~S. Keeping

Very enjoyable, interesting, informative, and entertaining. Also personally beneficial. ~B.

Powerful, uplifting, and empowering. It impacted knowledge and practical skills. The practice sessions were brilliant for building confidence. A real sense of sharing and positivity was created. A great teacher. ~Ann Irwin

I came to solidify what i read in the book and it did that. I also had a good chance to practice on others, which was most helpful. It boosted my self confidence in using The Code. Thank You. ~Vivien Laurent

This knowledge about The Emotion Code has given me a completely new sense to my life. I have recovered hope and am looking forward to transforming this painful place where we live (earth) into a beautiful garden, full of souls longing to bloom and be happy. ~Viridiana Garcia-Marta

I had time for practice releasing trapped emotions and incredible discovering the hidden truth. When release these trapped emotions, my heart start to heal and free from pain. I had [two near-death experiences] I went to GP for surgery but they don’t care much, which is hopeless, but I know myself something is there!!! I feel so happy and big thanks to all of your family. Hopefully I can keep up and help others, as many as possible. ~Yuriko Rosselli