Protect Your Infant From Vaccine-Related Toxicity

By DiscoverHealing Staff

A “natural experiment” funded in part by the Danish Government and led by Dr. Soren Wengel Mogensen has called into question the benefits of the commonly-used DTP (diptheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccine.

A birthday-based vaccination system in Guinea Bissea, West Africa during the early 1980s provided the Mogensen study with vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of infants to study. While all infants were breastfed and healthy at the time of vaccination, researchers found that “DTP-vaccinated infants experienced mortalities five times greater than DTP-unvaccinated infants.”

“Mortalities to vaccinated girls were 9.98 times those among females in the unvaccinated control group, while mortalities to vaccinated boys were 3.93 times the controls…The OPV vaccine appeared to modify the negative effect of the DTP vaccine, reducing mortalities to 3.52 times those experienced among the control group….Mogensen and his colleagues hypothesize that the DTP vaccine might weaken a child’s immune system against non-target infections.”

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In addition to the Mogensen study, The Body Code asserts that “vaccines contain very toxic components, such as aluminum, formaldehyde and mercury, which are added as ‘adjuvants’ that weaken the organism or preserve the vaccine.”

From the Body Code 2.0 home page, simply navigate to Toxins > Chemicals > Medical > Vaccinations to learn more about vaccine-related imbalances within the body.


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