The Connection Between Healing and Prayer

If there is one thing that Dr. Brad and I have learned in life that has made a difference, it’s to “Pray like it’s all up to God and work like it’s all up to us.” It’s been our personal observation that when we turn our hearts and minds to God at the start of a new day and throughout the day, we’re at an advantage. Speaking with God, the source of light, strength, healing, power, comfort, understanding and love helps you access wonderful blessings. Prayer is grounding in the healing work that we do and can be foundational for anything in life.

The Emotion Code and The Body Code came to us over time and because of many prayers. It was our intent and desire to understand healing and to help people with what we were given. There was also a lot of study and work involved. Over time, while Dr. Brad ran his holistic practice, pieces of understanding came together almost like a puzzle being solved. The work actually became simpler and more elegant as the years passed. As you use the methods Dr Brad has developed, remember that we wouldn’t have this healing work without having asked for Heaven’s help. We are so grateful for the understandings we’ve gained. If you aren’t sure how to pray and want to know how, the last page of Chapter 10 in The Emotion Code book offers some basic instruction from Dr. Brad about what has worked for us.

Anyone can pray no matter what religion or cultural heritage they come from. Having traveled to many parts of the world and having observed various cultures and religions, we’ve felt the deep devotion people live by in some places and the lack of it in others. God is called by many names. Dr. Brad and I pray to our Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ as many Christians do. We sometimes use other terms for our Father in Heaven in presentations such as Higher Power, Creator or God simply to let people know that we are all part of God’s family and this work is for everyone, not just people with a similar perspective as ours. We believe that we all came from a loving God and belong to Him. Many may recognize this as truth. We encourage and invite people everywhere to pray if they want to experience the benefits of prayer. It has been so meaningful and rewarding for us. This invitation is based upon our own experiences. As you pray with sincerity and faith, you will receive light from God and it can be for all kinds of purposes, including receiving help to heal yourself and others. We respect that people have differing beliefs and hope that no one is offended that we share this invitation. We do so because we love God and know that He loves all of us and wants to bless our lives and help us to learn and heal.

Light from above can protect you from being deceived in your healing practice. There are forces of light and forces of darkness in the universe. We’ve found that if you’re intentionally asking for light from God, help is there. If you aren’t, forces of darkness may be all too willing to throw your healing attempts off track. Forces of darkness do not want healing to occur and sometimes attempt to prevent you from being able to help yourself and others. Help is always available through prayer. We have experienced miraculous healing work often and feel that this has happened because of Heaven’s help. As healers, it is our privilege to be bearers of love, compassion and light. If it’s true that we originated from God, the source of divine light, we have a divine spark within each of us and can pray to increase our light and understanding.

As the founders of these healing methods, we recommend that prayer always be used for healing sessions. We have made it a practice to ask for guidance and healing for ourselves and for others as we work. It has been a sweet experience when we have received and recognized inspiration that has come from above. If God is the source of healing, it makes sense to pray at the onset of any illness or as you do any healing session. According to Duke University’s Dr. Harold Koenig, “Studies have shown prayer can prevent people from getting sick and when they do get sick, prayer can help them get better faster. An exhaustive analysis of more than 1,500 reputable medical studies indicates people who are more religious and pray more have better mental and physical health.”

Prayer and attendance at church was found to benefit health in many arenas, even to prolong life expectancy by 7 years. “The proof of prayer is overwhelming. What I discovered astonished me,” admitted Tom Knox, who used to be an atheist. This writer and researcher said, “Over the past 30 years a growing and largely unnoticed body of scientific work shows religious belief is medically, socially, and psychologically beneficial.” A few of the physical benefits that research uncovered were a boosted immune system, better vision and hearing, lower blood pressure, quicker recovery from breast cancer and better cardio health. Those who are prayerful and also involved in a faith-based community are better at coping with stress, more hopeful, more optimistic, less anxious, less depressed and commit suicide less often. Individuals who believe in God and choose to pray are probably not relying on scientific studies, as interesting as they may be but are most often finding belief because of their own experiences with prayer as they set their intention and exercise faith.

There are many injured souls living in darkness, some lost in depression and sorrow who need help. Too many feel worthless, hopeless and alone; others are hurt, angry or bitter. One group among many at risk is our youth. Suicide is prevalent among them, listed as the second leading cause of death for teens through college-age, spanning ages 10-24 years old. Substance abuse and mental imbalance are the biggest factors identified leading to teen suicide. Kids are desperately seeking a way to stop emotional pain. It’s been reported that 19.3% of teens in the US seriously consider suicide each year, about 1 out of every 5. It’s estimated that 1 million teens attempt to take their life every year and about 1,700 actually die. This indicates that life’s difficulties seem insurmountable for many. They are at risk because they are living in darkness and don’t know where to find healing from the weight of life’s injuries and problems.

So where better to receive answers to problems than from the source of light? As we make a connection with God through prayer and ask for help to clear dark energies from those who struggle, we are actually dispelling darkness with light. Just as darkness leaves in the presence of light in a physical sense, darkness is overcome by light in a spiritual sense as well. Love, prayer, focused intention and faith bring light from above. Those who experience our healing methods often describe feeling lighter, like a burden has lifted. They are brighter, happier, and more peaceful after a healing session. We see countenances and attitudes change as balance is restored. Pain often dramatically decreases. When we use The Emotion Code and The Body Code we are using inspiration that came from years of prayer and practice. We have seen that hearts, minds and bodies heal as we connect to the source of light, healing power and love. You may see miracles. Dr. Brad often says, “I just work here,” which is his way of stating that God is behind this work. We have found that God is there for us. Heaven’s light uplifts, inspires and teaches us so that we can be effective as instruments in the healing that happens. What an amazing gift! Those who develop a personal relationship with God using prayer have much to gain. With these thoughts in mind, just think of what we can all do together for this world when we roll up our sleeves to work and pray to God for his light and blessings.

~ Jean Nelson