Comments from “The Emotion Code” Seminar Last Weekend…

Thanks to all of you who attended my seminar in St. George last weekend. What a great group! Here’s what some of you had to say…

“Great Seminar! Very informative and inspiring! Dr. Nelson’s presentation was clear and direct, and interspersed with lots of humor. I recommend this seminar to anyone looking for a simple, clear and precise way to release trapped emotions for a brighter and fuller life!” – Bob Russo

“Once my Heart-Wall started to come down, I was at last able to feel love and give love – first time in 58 years. My husband could feel my love at last and it brought him to tears” – Eileen Telford

“Great, easy to do and follow. After working on the body so much it feels SO right to clear the emotions. It will fit in so well with our life and other choices in health.” – Valerie R.

“The Emotion Code is the future of medicine. It allows healing that allopathic and holistic medicines alike don’t access. This is the cutting edge of alternative medicine. Dr. Bradley is a charismatic, engaging and big hearted teacher/ healer/ speaker/ man. His wife Jean and daughter Natalie are marvelous as well. What a treat!” – Tony Brown

“Very Good!” – Mitch Brown

“Even after reading the book, I gained more than I imagined. I struggled with self-testing before, and with the seminar I gained self confidence and understanding. I am going home very excited.” – Tasha Hazell

“Genealogy is about more than just submitting names and identifying people. This is a completed idea or principle of turning the hearts of the fathers and the hearts of the children… truth into one great whole! It’s not just about me! Thanks for sharing!” – Terri Martinez

“Great experience. Loved the seminar, will start practicing right away. I appreciate Dr. Brad’s and Jean’s kindness and graciousness very much.” – Erica B.

“I drove from California with much hope but a lot of skepticism. After the class I feel as if I can go forward with my dreams, which I had felt would never go forward.” – anonymous

“The knowledge obtained from the book and seminar will change the way I approach disease and emotional issues forever. The knowledge is very powerful in affecting my life and those I come in contact with. We are all subject to trapped emotions and can benefit from having them released.” – Agnes Loughlin

“Definitely going for certification! I’m going to help myself and others grow and go forward with life.” – Lynn Marie McCune

“You released my back and knee pain – what a gift from heaven. I didn’t think I would ever be out of pain.” – Kathy Black

“I love how simple and informal the process is. Beautiful and healing surroundings. I am so excited to be able to make a difference in the lives of many people! This was heaven sent.” – RaNae Palmer

“It is fascinating that this can be so simple. Life is that way- simple. I hope to practice and master these important concepts.” – Ray Bennett

“Felt more inspired, more confident, very good! More positive! Looking forward to working with this and helping more and more people.” anonymous

“Dr. Brad, your love for people shines bright! Thank you!” Kellie S.