My Thoughts on Transplanting Trapped Emotions

Okay, this is just my opinion, but… here is what I think about this. Memories, thoughts and cravings, while having an electro-chemical dimension in the brain, are fundamentally energetic in nature. They must exist somewhere within the body’s energy field, and they do not seem to be restricted to the brain. If any of these memories, thoughts, or cravings happen to reside in an organ, they can literally be transplanted into another person, along with that organ. This explains why transplant patients experience these weird phenomena. In addition, if a trapped emotion has its epicenter within the energy field of an organ, it will be transplanted along with the organ. For example, let’s say that you need an organ transplant, and you receive a new organ that contains the trapped emotion of “anger”. There is no medical way to determine whether an organ has a trapped emotion or not, because they are literally invisible. Your new organ looks healthy and normal, just like any other. But within a few weeks you may wonder why you have become more short-tempered and irritable than you ever were before. Literally, a significant part of your body is now vibrating at the frequency of “anger”. You will be more likely to fall into resonance with this particular emotion, since part of you is now vibrating at this frequency all the time.

Your new organ brought along an unwelcome and invisible passenger, a trapped emotion, which now takes its place in the vibrational symphony that is you. Let’s say that your donor is still alive (for example, if they gave you a kidney or a lung, etc.). He or she gave you their organ along with its embedded trapped emotion. It might seem logical that the trapped emotion only exists in your body now, as the transplant recipient. However, the truth is more bizarre than that, and I’ve seen it proven time and time again during my years of practice. Each organ is actually intelligent, a concept understood by ancient healers in many cultures, especially the Chinese. These ancient physicians looked at each organ as a different ‘official’ in the kingdom of the body. Each organ-official had different responsibilities to keep the body-kingdom functioning smoothly. I believe that each organ also has its own unique vibration, and that each organ has its own energy field, contributing to the collage that makes up the energy field of the body as a whole. When an organ is removed, the energy field of that organ remains in the body, as if the organ were still physically there. The body will give muscle testing responses as if the organ were still present, and will often want nutritional support for the missing organ as well. Like the example in “The Emotion Code” of the man and his mysteriously connected blood cells, the organ retains its energetic connection to the body even after it has been removed. In fact, I believe that, not only does the energy field of the organ remain in the living donor’s body, the organ’s energy field also goes with the organ into its new home in the transplant recipient. Talk about being in two places at once!

In this same way, a trapped emotion will seem to exist in two places simultaneously, in both the donor and the recipient. This is because the trapped emotion went with the physical organ, but also stayed with the energetic organ. If the trapped emotion is released from either the donor or the recipient, it will also be released from the other person as well, without any further effort. And it doesn’t matter how far apart the two people are, because distance is no barrier to energy. Just like the split atom, what happens to one instantly affects the other! See this article from Science Magazine on the strange phenomenon of “non-locality.”