Emotional Baggage, Sports and Pain

Many years ago, a patient named Shirley came to me with a big problem. “Dr. Nelson,” she said, “My knees are killing me. They hurt me constantly, and the pain has gotten so bad that I can’t Jazzercise anymore. If I can’t Jazzercise, I can’t lose weight, and if I can’t lose weight, I’m going to lose my husband.” Fixing me with her gaze, she said very seriously, “You’ve got to help me.” No pressure here, I thought!

She had seen several other doctors for her knee pain. It seemed to be somewhat mysterious, and was attributed by her doctors to the fact that she was overweight. However, by releasing the “emotional baggage” that was the underlying cause of her problem, she was pain-free by the next day, and back at her Jazzercise classes that very week.

Each different emotion that we feel has its own particular energetic vibration or frequency. For example, an emotion of anger is a different frequency of energy than an emotion of frustration, which is different from grief, and so on. While you wouldn’t want to live a life devoid of any emotions at all (they certainly make our lives worth living, especially the positive emotions) we all experience negative emotions from time to time. It is during these times of emotional stress that the “energy” of the emotion that we are experiencing can become “trapped” or “stuck” in the body. This is what we call a “trapped emotion.” A trapped emotion is literally a ball of energy, from about the size of a orange to about the size of a cantaloupe. Wherever these trapped emotions lodge, they will distort the normal energy field of the body. This slight distortion of the human energy field is one of the most common reasons for physical pain.

That was certainly the case with Shirley. How about you? Are you in pain right now? The reality is that 90% or more of the physical pain that people experience is actually due to their “emotional baggage.” That pain that you are feeling right now in your neck may be from the argument you had with your boss last year. The lower back pain that you are feeling may be from that funeral that you attended 10 years ago.

Another example of how trapped emotions can cause physical pain came from a patient of mine named Jack. He was 42 years old when he came to me for treatment of his excruciating tennis elbow, which he’d been suffering from for months. The discomfort in his right forearm had become so great that he could no longer even turn the key to start his car without terrible pain. I began treating him with a traditional chiropractic approach of spinal and extremity adjustments and physical therapy. After working on him for about a week, I didn’t see much improvement and that surprised me. Tennis elbow is an ailment that is normally treated very successfully with chiropractic care.

I was frustrated with Jack’s lack of improvement. This was in the early days of my work with trapped emotions, and I hadn’t yet thought to ask his subconscious if emotions had anything to do with his problem. I was just beginning to understand how powerful trapped emotions can be, and how they can cause many different kinds of symptoms. I knew they could cause physical pain, but I also knew that tennis elbow was an inflammatory condition that I had treated successfully before. However, since I was having no results with the traditional approach, I decided to ask Jack’s subconscious if trapped emotions were an underlying cause of his tennis elbow. I was a bit surprised when his body answered, “Yes.”

Using the Emotion Code, we identified the first emotion. According to his body, the trapped emotion was inferiority. It had become trapped in his body during high school, and had to do with a certain girl he’d liked. I released it, and Jack was surprised by the immediate effect this had on his arm. Suddenly his elbow pain had decreased noticeably. I asked again if there were any trapped emotions that we could release. His body answered “Yes”, so I began asking what the next emotion was, when it had become trapped, and if it had to do with anyone in particular. This trapped emotion was also from Jack’s high school days, and was the result of a less than satisfactory relationship – with a different girl this time. The trapped emotion was nervousness. When we released it, Jack’s elbow pain lessened even more significantly. We continued this process until we had removed a total of five trapped emotions.

They were all from high school, and each emotion involved a different girl. His wife, who was there with him during his treatment seemed amused.

As we released each trapped emotion, the discomfort level in Jack’s forearm noticeably decreased. The moment we released the last emotion, his pain was completely gone! He turned his arm this way and that. He imitated turning the key in his car. There was no pain whatsoever.

He had suddenly regained his full range of motion in his elbow joint, and I could reproduce no pain by pressing my fingers into the muscles of his forearm, which previously had been very painful to the touch. This result was astounding to all of us that were witness to it.

Jack was a tennis player during high school, but hadn’t picked up a racket in years. Trapped emotions tend to gravitate toward weaker areas of the body, where there is extra stress, an injury or an infection, or some other imbalance. All of these particular trapped emotions lodged in the tissues of Jack’s forearm. I believe this is because during high school, his forearm was being repeatedly stressed and even injured to a degree. At the same time, he was experiencing emotional distress and picking up trapped emotions from his failing attempts at romance. Remember that a trapped emotion will always land somewhere, likely at the weakest link in the body’s chain.

I still think if I hadn’t been there and seen it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it.

Within a matter of a few minutes, Jack’s pain went from crippling to non-existent.

I was once again amazed that emotions could somehow directly cause such dramatic physical pain. Nevertheless, I had just seen it with my own eyes. As I continued to use the Emotion Code on my patients, I was astonished by how many conditions were actually being caused in whole or in part by trapped emotions, and by how destructive they were to my patients’ health.

Powerful healing occurs when trapped emotions are finally released. What kind of emotional baggage have you been dragging around all of these years?